🎉 Nyob zoo xyoo tshiab cov kwvtij Hmoob nyob txhua lub tebchaws! 🗓

Weather / Huab Cua

2020-12-03 01:22 PM (Indochina)

Vientiane, Laos ວຽງຈັນ

  27.7 °C   scattered clouds
  6:24 AM   5:34 PM

Hanoi, Vietnam

  21.0 °C   clear sky
  6:17 AM   5:15 PM

Kunming, China 昆明市

  8.8 °C   mist
  7:36 AM   6:20 PM


English News / Xov Xwm Lus Askiv

Hmong New Year explained: Joe Biden celebrates 2020 holiday on Twitter!

Joe Biden took to Twitter to celebrat Hmong New Year which has left some followers confused. Here's what the holiday is and his history with ...

Podcast takes aim at ‘toxic masculinity’ in Hmong culture

Two Minnesota podcasters are trying to shed light on a subject many Hmong men would rather avoid: A male-dominated culture that can lead to domestic ...

Amid pandemic, Hmong New Year offers time for reflection

One of the many traditions that has been upended by the pandemic is the Hmong New Year. Even though the past year has been tough ...

40 Under 40 honoree: Chue Vang with WellSpace Health

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Chue Vang helped WellSpace Health quickly realign and expand its business model to weather the storm. Read more ...

Letters: Thanks, Dr. Hogan, for the insight into loving our neighbors

If we all had such insight to loving our neighbors as you do, well, hopefully it has opened some eyes and hearts. Thank you. I ...

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