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Today is Final Deadline to Sign-up for Farm Support Program

Wisconsin farmers have one last chance to submit their names into the online database for the Wisconsin Farm Support Program ...

Afghan refugees have arrived in Fresno and more are expected soon. Here’s how to help

Eight Afghan refugees arrived in Fresno last week and more are expected at the end of this month, according to ...

‘DWTS’: Suni Lee’s Pepper Spray Incident May Have Caused Her Mental Breakdown

Suni Lee went through a mental breakdown recently, and fans are speculating it may be due to a recent incident ...

New program helps people eat local produce while supporting Fresno farmers. Here’s how

This story is part of the Central Valley News Collaborative — a bilingual, community journalism project funded by the Central ...

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Vientiane, Laos ວຽງຈັນ

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  6:22 AM   5:33 PM

Ha Noi, Vietnam

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  6:14 AM   5:15 PM

Chiang Mai, Thailand เชียงใหม่

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Kunming, China 昆明市

  11.8 °C   scattered clouds
  7:33 AM   6:20 PM

Saint Paul, USA

  -8.5 °C   clear sky
  7:25 AM   4:35 PM

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Experts on refugee experiences in Wisconsin encourage communities to see arriving Afghans as new Americans

Not seeing newcomers as foreigners, allowing space to mourn loss of home will help Afghans feel at home in Wisconsin. Vincent Her, second from left, ...

Debuting Helmer Ha Le Diem Witnesses Bride Kidnapping in IDFA Film ‘Children of the Mist’

Set in the north of her homeland, Vietnam, Ha Le Diem’s IDFA competition entry “Children of the Mist” follows 12-year-old Di from the Hmong ethnic ...

Finding ideas to empower

City residents will have opportunities next month to gather together and brainstorm ideas for using $300,000 Eau Claire has set aside for projects created by ...

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