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Kab Mob Covid-19

MN: 2019 Kab Mob Tshiab Coronavirus

Hennepin: Koj yuav ua li cas yog hais tias koj tau tus kabmob COVID-19 nov

Hmong Nurses Association talks about COVID-19 in Hmong

Hmong Medical Association Covid-19 Series: Hmong Covid-19 Remedies; Real or Fake

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Young Asian American Christians Are Finding Their Voice on Racial Justice

Others, like Ashley Gaozong Bauer, a biracial white and Hmong American minister, found such arguments reductive. “You look at one Hmong man, call him Asian, and then project your collective shame unto ...

Future path of artistic Sheffield enterprise

It’s a description that’s repeated over and over, but while it captures a feeling of disorientation, it really says nothing at all. I would like to be a bit more specific here, ...

After George Floyd’s death, some are re-considering when to call police. Here are Milwauke...

Some Americans are reconsidering whether 911 should always be the first line of response. In Milwaukee, who can you call in a non-life threatening emergency? Read more ...

Phase One of Xcel Energy’s Transmission Grid Virtual Inspection Project Complete

Fire safety messaging targeting underserved communities in English, Spanish, Chinese, Hmong, and Vietnamese. A statewide fire safety awareness campaign through television, radio, digital, and outdoor ... Read more ...

AG Kaul’s judgment requires environmental restoration and $100,000 penalty

Attorney General Josh Kaul announced Tuesday his office has obtained a judgment against Dane County resident Frank Gribble requiring a complete an environmental restoration and payment $100,000 in ... Read more ...

Medical College of Wisconsin-Central Wisconsin launches training program for Rural and Hmong pro...

In an effort to address the statewide healthcare provider shortage, the Medical College of Wisconsin-Central Wisconsin (MCW-CW) is launching a training program for future medical students who come ... Read more ...

Serve our democracy and your city: Become a poll worker!

The Election Commission is looking to hire poll workers to help with the fall primary (August 11) and the fall general (November 3) elections in the City of Milwaukee. Common Council President ...

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From refugee to real estate dynamo, Blia Cha helping others find homes in Milwaukee’s central city

It was a long and interesting road for Blia. She grew up the daughter of a poor Hmong farm couple in Laos. She spoke little ...

New book exposes inner workings of the US’ ‘secret war’ in Laos

The area was a major theatre in the 1964-1973 secret war between the US and Hmong against the Pathet Lao and Vietnamese Communists. On average, ...

Asian Americans are the fastest-growing racial or ethnic group in the U.S. electorate

More than 11 million Asian Americans will be able to vote this year, making up nearly 5% of the eligible voters in the United States ...


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