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What is Minnesota food? New TPT series serves up steamed buns, sticky rice and masala

To do that, chef and host Yia Vang heads into the home kitchens of other local chefs, who demonstrate the makings of their favorite, heritage-rich ...

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Eau Claire city leaders taking steps to combat anti-AAPI hate

City leaders are trying follow through on their promise to do more to combat hate in a March 29 open letter from interim City Manager ...

Eau Claire County COVID-19 vaccine clinic to be held on Clairemont Avenue

The Eau Claire City- County Health Department, Black and Brown Womyn Power Coalition, Inc. and the Eau Claire Area Hmong Mutual Assistance Association, Inc. is ...

In Dairy Country, a Network of Hmong and Latino Workers Fight Covid-19

H might not have received any assistance in navigating the pandemic had it not been for a small group of community healthcare workers operating a ...

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Vientiane, Laos ວຽງຈັນ

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  5:39 AM   6:33 PM

Sa Pa, Vietnam

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  5:28 AM   6:34 PM

Ha Noi, Vietnam

  32.0 °C   clear sky
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Chiang Mai, Thailand เชียงใหม่

  33.1 °C   few clouds
  5:52 AM   6:48 PM

Kunming, China 昆明市

  24.0 °C   scattered clouds
  6:28 AM   7:42 PM

Fresno, USA

  21.1 °C   clear sky
  5:57 AM   7:53 PM

Saint Paul, USA

  4.1 °C   clear sky
  5:52 AM   8:25 PM

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The internet is excluding Asian-Americans who don’t speak English

The pandemic has accelerated society's adoption of digital tools. But for millions of Asian-Americans who don’t speak English, technology is creating barriers rather than removing ...

St. Paul policy aide Mai Chong Xiong aims for Ramsey County board seat held by Jim McDonough

With 18 months to go before the Nov. 2022 election, political organizer Mai Chong Xiong announced Monday she will run for a seat on the ...

Free Hmong American Essays and Papers

The Hmong Culture The Hmong Culture of South Asia is a very interesting ethnic group. Between 300,000 to 600,000 Hmong live in Southeast Asian countries, ...

Asian-American chefs, bartenders launch initiative to raise money to stop Asian hate

Minnesota Rice” is an initiative that’s trying to end racism against Asian Americans by sitting around the dinner table. You buy in for $100, and ...

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