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Hmong Wausau Festival celebrates Southeast Asian community, record turnout expected

The Hmong American Center is preparing to host the country's first Hmong festival of the year, a two-day event that will celebrate the culture and ...

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Lester Holt and Journos Shove Olympic Glory Aside for National Grievances

VIP feature with coverage on the deeply flawed aspects of journalism in the nation. We'll look to bring accountability to the mishaps, malaprops, misdeeds, manipulations, ...

A love letter from Jim Ramstad’s hometown(s)

If you want a measure how beloved a public figure is, look to see how many different places stake a claim to them. Read more ...

With podcast about life after domestic abuse, Milwaukee women help listeners envision a better future

LaVerne Badger and Natalie Hayden know that talking candidly about life after domestic abuse is helpful for listeners facing the same struggles. Read more (opens ...

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Huab Cua / Weather

Vientiane, Laos ວຽງຈັນ

  35.0 °C   scattered clouds
  5:48 AM   6:42 PM

Sa Pa, Vietnam

  25.1 °C   overcast clouds
  5:36 AM   6:44 PM

Ha Noi, Vietnam

  36.0 °C   overcast clouds
  5:30 AM   6:34 PM

Chiang Mai, Thailand เชียงใหม่

  29.9 °C   broken clouds
  6:01 AM   6:58 PM

Kunming, China 昆明市

  25.8 °C   scattered clouds
  6:37 AM   7:52 PM

Fresno, USA

  23.1 °C   clear sky
  6:06 AM   8:02 PM

Saint Paul, USA

  21.2 °C   overcast clouds
  6:01 AM   8:34 PM

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Sunisa Lee Thanks Supporters in Hmong After Community Rallies Behind Her

Sunisa Lee had a brief message for her Hmong-speaking supporters at a Tuesday morning press conference. Speaking Hmong, a reporter asked Lee, the first Asian ...

Watch All of Suni Lee’s Olympic Performances, Including Historic Gold in All-Around

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