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Health event aims to help Hmong women catch up on medical screenings, preventative care

An educational event held Saturday morning aimed to help women in the Hmong community take care of their health. Presentations ...

How many kinds of pho can you find in Minneapolis? Ask Ka Vang

Ka Vang's ideal day in Minneapolis starts with a hearty breakfast sandwich from Breaking Bread Cafe on the North Side ...

Sun Prairie City Council adopts housing study

Three objections — including one from a former mayor — were not enough to deter the Sun Prairie City Council ...

Making friends as an adult is hard, building a community is even harder

I hear my friends arriving home and hope they’ll remember to keep it down. I’m moments from drifting away. And ...

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Vientiane, Laos ວຽງຈັນ

  26.0 °C   drizzle
  5:33 AM   6:39 PM

Ha Noi, Vietnam

  24.0 °C   overcast clouds
  5:15 AM   6:31 PM

Chiang Mai, Thailand เชียงใหม่

  33.1 °C   broken clouds
  5:46 AM   6:55 PM

Kunming, China 昆明市

  15.8 °C   moderate rain
  6:20 AM   7:50 PM

Saint Paul, USA

  7.1 °C   overcast clouds
  5:33 AM   8:44 PM

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Ancient tooth in Laos cave a major find for human history

After years of research, scientists found the tooth is the molar of a 4-to-6-year-old female of an ancient human ancestor who disappeared 50,000 years ago ...

Brenda Song: ‘I’m Really Proud of the Woman I’ve Become—She’s Been Through a Lot’

Song opens up about her experience as an Asian American child actor, choosing 'The Suite Life' over Harvard, and passing on the importance of family ...

Preserving a culture: DeForest woman’s mobile app that teaches Hmong language gains support from Apple

As Annie Vang developed her HmongPhrases app that helps 4,000 plus users learn her native tongue, she drew from her experiences as a child with ...

Hmong New Year Celebrations

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